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Data-Driven Inclusive Communications and Outreach Campaign for the Pass It On Clinical Trial

Pass It On.png

As COVID-19 related hospitalizations and deaths increased at an alarming rate in 2020, a US leading medical institution and research center led the search for answers about effective treatment. To be relevant and effective, the clinical trial needed participants from the communities most adversely impacted to join the study– essential workers from Black and Latino communities.  In addition to an incredible sense of urgency, the compounding challenge to enrolling Black and Latino communities was that both communities are statistically and historically underrepresented in clinical trials.  The Research Support Services to the clinical trial asked Culture Shift Team (CST) to design and lead the communications outreach campaign to inform members of minority communities about the trial taking place in 26 hospitals across the US. 

Culture Shift Team was tasked to create a culturally and linguistically relevant outreach and education campaign in order to reach those most affected by the pandemic. Due to historical mistreatment and discrimination, Black and Brown communities have a distrust of healthcare institutions and research studies, meaning their participation in clinical trials is almost non-existent. In order to educate the target demographics about the Pass It On trial, CST developed the campaign to be disseminated through organizations and leaders that have established trust with their community members. The education outreach campaign was conducted virtually and was supported by a multilingual website, videos with physicians, social media, out-of-home media, and digital media.

Takata Airbag Recall.jpeg

Takata Airbag Recall Multicultural Outreach and Media Campaign

Over three years, Culture Shift Team crafted a multi-city, multilingual, and culturally appropriate high-impact marketing campaign to inform hard-to-reach multicultural communities of the need to have dangerous Takata airbags replaced in their cars. The “business-as-usual” approach taken by several automakers had failed to reach a large portion of car owners. 

CST developed and implemented the Check Your Vehicles Takata Airbag Recall Safety Campaign in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Creole, focusing on Spanish-speaking Hispanic communities in Dallas, Houston, South Florida, and Puerto Rico.

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Data Analysis of Opportunity & Latina Outreach Strategy with Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

Culture Shift Team conducted a data analysis project to determine if Latina membership was on par with the demographics of the 30+ county membership area.

Results showed membership under-indexed in the Latina community. CST helped the client develop an outreach strategy aimed at key pillars of (1) brand awareness, (2) recruitment, and (3) programming.  Communication tools were developed to culturally and linguistically capture interest and engagement from community leaders, potential members, and their families.

Girl Scouts of MT.jpeg

As per the request of the client, CST identified candidates for a new internal position, the client hired one of the proposed candidates as their new Latino Community Membership Manager. In 2019, CST supports the client by providing guidance on communication strategy and tools for all internal and external key stakeholders.  Communication and outreach tools include video production and social media.​

Sexual Assault Center.jpg

Diverse and Inclusive PSA Campaign for Sexual Assault Center in Tennessee

The Sexual Assault Center in Tennessee engaged the services of Culture Shift Team to create a diverse and ​​inclusive campaign that would build trust in the Black/African American, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ community members to call their 24/7 statewide Help Line. The campaign included a 60-second TV PSA that aired in four main cities/ targeted hubs in the state of Tennessee: Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. The campaign also included social media posts and media buys on Facebook and Instagram targeting the same cities as the PSA.


The approach was to show how sexual assault affects the lives of people on any given day and inform those affected about the Help Line as an accessible resource for them. The campaign included various day-to-day scenarios, activities, and types of conversations to show how sexual assault affects all aspects of people’s lives.

Market Research and Community-Outreach to African-American & Black Community Volunteers

Big Brothers Big Sisters.jpeg

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee matched over 1,000 Littles with adult mentors in 2019 across Black, White, Hispanic, and Multi-Race ethnic backgrounds. 588 of these Littles identify as Black or African-American, and 75% of these mentees reside in urban environments. According to tracked demographic data, African-American or Black volunteers are underrepresented within the BBBSMT volunteer base, only making up 161 of 982 adult volunteers. Our work was centered around engaging with this key audience and later, building BBBSMT brand awareness in the hopes of increasing this number throughout the coming years. 


In August 2019, Culture Shift Team (CST) began conducting market research of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee’s community brand in the African-American and Black community for the purposes of volunteer recruitment. The goals for this project included bringing insight and understanding to the organization around the brand’s awareness and perception within the Black community, and the identification of barriers to recruitment of Black male Bigs and volunteers. Acknowledging the nuance that is inherent within any successful community outreach and recruitment campaign, Culture Shift Team evaluated organizational brand, brand presence, current strategies and engaging with community members, leaders, and key stakeholders. CST leveraged partnerships with area Black and multicultural fraternity alumni associations to recruit prospective volunteers.

STEM outreach program for Latino youth with Nissan North America

GEN I Nissan.png

Director of the Nissan Americas Diversity Office, Robert Wilson (now CST partner), hired Culture Shift Team partners Ann Gillespie and Marcela Gómez to engage Latinx students in the branding of the corporation’s Latino community outreach plan which focused on increasing access to STEM and educational opportunities.


The team was also tasked to create assets for the campaign. For the project CST engaged one of Nissan’s community partners, a Latinx college student group called Futuro Inc, to help with the brand development. After the GEN I brand was launched and implemented successfully with Latino youth, NISSAN used it to co-brand all of their youth outreach programs. In 2014 the following events managed by CST were part of GEN I powered by NISSAN brand.


  • AHORA Student Days

  • Parents Step Ahead

  • LULAC Press Conference

  • FUTURO Conference

  • ENSEÑA Awards

  • YMCA Latin American Scholarship Dinner

  • NCLR National Conference (Now UNIDOS US)

  • ALPFA National Conference

  • SHPE Conference

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